[Review] Bitcoin Scam Fighters to Tackle Frauds

Bitcoin Scam Fighters to Tackle Frauds in the Cryptocurrency World   Are you tired of Bitcoin/Altcoin/Cryptocurrency related scams? Well, worry no more because there is an upcoming project that is just about to tackle this long ignored issue in the cryptocurrency world.   Victor Grosser, the CEO and Founder of BitcoinScamFighters.com, has started the project[…]

Earn Bitcoins Fashion Store & Affiliates

Re-introducing The Earn Bitcoins Store…If you were ever wondering about what exactly is going on with our directory,here’s your answer.       If you were a member of the Earn Bitcoins directory ever since we were established back in 2015, you would probably be wondering about the recent ‘additions’ we have introduced on our[…]

2017 Jan-June Plans & Updates

  It has been a while since we have updated our blog and announced our new plans for the directory. We would like to sincerely wish each and everyone of you a Happy New Year!! May 2017 be the best year of our lifetimes!   We have few important updates planned for the first half[…]

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Twitter Campaign LIVE!

It is finally here! The most awaited marketing campaign which is also one of the most effective and exciting marketing plans of all – [Earn Bitcoin . INFO] Twitter Campaign!   Requirements At least 250 ‘real’ followers as audited on TwitterAudit.com Bitcoin address to receive your payments Creativity   Payments 250 – 500 followers: 0.00015[…]

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Our NEW Landing Page Image! & Blog Updates [DISCOUNT COUPON INSIDE]

Earn Bitcoins . INFO – Your #1 Bitcoin Websites Directory G’day Everyone! Our Bitcoin Websites Directory has a new landing page image! Surprise Surprise! We are keeping this turquoise color as our main brand-color for all future contents, updates, and events. Tell us what you think about the color or the image (we are prepared[…]

How [Earn Bitcoins . INFO] Directory is Promoted

Earn Bitcoins . INFO Marketing Plans   Hello everyone, We are glad to announce that our website is finally up and running on advertisement networks. We are currently being advertised on MellowAds & a-ads with set amounts of daily budget. These advertising campaigns will continue throughout September – December, to ensure that our directory is[…]

Campaign #1 – Get Bitcoins with our bitcoin websites directory!

Campaign #1 – Get Bitcoins with our bitcoin websites directory   It is our first campaign and we promise you that it is AWESOME. This is one of the best ways to perhaps earn some free Bitcoins for yourself! Campaign end date: 30 SEPTEMBER 2016 The task is simple. 1. Register on our directory 2.[…]

How to submit & promote your Bitcoin websites!

Are you all ready to promote your Bitcoin websites? Remember that you need to be ‘registered’ in order to submit your website / links. The register button can be found on the right sidebar of the website. Make sure to fill in the correct e-mail when registering as this may be required to obtain your[…]