How to submit & promote your Bitcoin websites!

Are you all ready to promote your Bitcoin websites?


Remember that you need to be ‘registered’ in order to submit your website / links.

The register button can be found on the right sidebar of the website.


Make sure to fill in the correct e-mail when registering as this may be required to obtain your password when lost!


Once registered, login with you details.


Once logged in, the ‘Submit URL’ button will be visible on the menu.


Fill in the required details about your website & make sure to select the CATEGORY accordingly!

*REMEMBER* not to put http:// or www. on your website address.


With successful submissions, you will be able to view this message.

That’s it! all you have to do now is to wait a few minutes until one of our moderators review & accept your website on our directory!

If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to contact us HERE!

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