[Review] Bitcoin Scam Fighters to Tackle Frauds

Bitcoin Scam Fighters to Tackle Frauds in the Cryptocurrency World


Are you tired of Bitcoin/Altcoin/Cryptocurrency related scams?

Well, worry no more because there is an upcoming project that is just about to tackle this long ignored issue in the cryptocurrency world.


Victor Grosser, the CEO and Founder of BitcoinScamFighters.com, has started the project to tackle this issue as with his personal experiences of losing big investments through shallow investment schemes and ponzi scams that has been going around in the cryptocurrency world for far too long.


The problem is not in the fact that there are hundreds and possibly, thousands of scams around the world of cryptocurrency. The real problem is in the fact that we tend to IGNORE this issue and we have been ignoring this for far too long.

What does Bitcoin Scam Fighters do?

The answer is rather simple.

  1. Keep record of all known fraudulent accounts and scam platforms in the form of a directory
  2. Provide professional legal advice and consultation to victims by connecting them with global law firms
  3. Investigate potential manipulations input by big exchanges, traders, and investors
  4. Run petitions and lobby to the relevant Government for legitimate laws to be practiced towards cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency exchanges, and cryptocurrency related scams


Bitcoin Scam Fighters is a company based in UK and as we write this post, their white paper is being complete. The company will be issuing Bitcoin Scam Fighters tokens through Initial Coin Offering (ICO).


For more information, please visit their official website HERE.


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