[Industry Insights] Zennies, New Achiever of the Cryptocurrency World

If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast, you would have probably heard of the new altcoin, Zennies. Within a month of its launch, it has managed to break into the top 200 most traded (market cap) cryptocurrencies list and is currently positioned as rank #136 on CoinMarketCap.


It is a new cryptocurrency (also referred to as alternative coins or altcoins), validating and securing transactions on a decentralized network – of computers. It enables instant peer-to-peer transactions and includes applications such as: Micropayment, Remittance, Settlement, Peer Lending, Merchants, Gratuities, and Donations.


Zennies is a proof-of-stake (p.o.s) cryptocurrency, providing holders of Zennies with rewards in Zennies. This supports the holding of Zennies which in return stabilizes the market and thus, sustains the overall network of Zennies. A stabilized market and sustained network will eventually attract new community members, helping the cryptocurrency holders to   prosper in the long-run. According to their official BITCOINTALK thread, the stake is set at 1% per year.

The total supply of Zennies are set at 1 billion and the block time (amount of time taken to typically solve a block and carry out transactions) is set at 1 minute. Below are some technical aspects of the coin as stated on their official BITCOINTALK thread:


Supply: 1B ZENI

Type: POS (Scrypt)

POS Stake %: 1/year

Block Time: 1 Min

Age/Maturity: 1Min/Unlimited

Port: 11011

RPCPort: 11012


Zennies was launched through Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and was sold out within two days of its launch from Mar 25, 2017 to Mar 27, 2017. The pre-sale Bitcoin is kept by the development team on the Bitcoin address 1FZRGXegcjE56ssCiJ7uFRAJ9Wf84M1Sgt. The pre-sold coins were successfully delivered to its rightful owners/purchasers by the development team on April 1, 2017.


If you are an avid cryptocurrency user, you would understand the notable achievements of this coin, such as: ICO sold out within 2 days, Ranked #136 on CoinMarketCap within a month of its launch.


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