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Bitcoin Faucets: These are websites that offer free bitcoins to new bitcoin users. They provide tiny fractions of Bitcoins for new users to experience using Bitcoins. Some users earn large amounts of Bitcoins with these websites by using their referral systems. These websites provide referral bonuses in the sense that when you invite someone to use their faucet through your referral link, you will be rewarded whenever they get free Bitcoins from the faucet.

Rotators: These are websites that have gathered many faucets into a single webpage. They usually have referral links attached and whenever you earn free Bitcoins through faucets listed on these websites, you will be providing the owners, their referral shares for various faucets.

Bitcoin Games: Not much to explain here.. pretty straight forward. Play games to earn Bitcoins!

Bitcoin Casino: Online casino websites that accept Bitcoins as payments. If you are a gambler or would like to gamble (please do so responsibly…) visit them and have fun!

Mining / Pool: These are either websites for mining facilities or cloud mining platforms & bitcoin and altcoin pools. Mining pools are collective-mining platforms where users accumulate their hash (computers) for greater gains as compared to solo (individual) mining. Cloud mining platforms are websites that offer users to invest their money in mining. They do all the hard work for you – but with small fees for them to operate.

Events / Campaigns: This category is for any Bitcoin related events or campaigns.

Bitcoin Exchanges: These are websites that allow users to trade Bitcoins for other altcoins or trade fiat traditional currencies for Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Wallets: Wallets. Enough said. If you wish to keep your Bitcoins safely, use a secured online wallet or a software offered by these websites.

Savings / Banks: This category is for websites that work like Banks. They pay monthly / annual interests on your savings!

Blog / News: Blogs & News websites related to Bitcoin.

Others: All other websites including PTC, Surveys, Tipping websites.

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