[Review] Secure Paymentz – Build Your Own E-Wallet Business!

Build your own e-wallet business!

If you have ever dreamt of running your own ewallet company, you are certainly a step closer to achieving that dream. Make your dream a reality with Secure Paymentz, as they provide a perfect and easy-to-use ewallet script for Bitcoin related companies and/or individuals willing to run a ewallet business.


There are plenty of wallet scripts out there, but surely, Secure Paymentz is unique in the sense that they provide complete packages revolving around the script from regular script updates to 365//7 customer support.


Anyone can start their own ewallet business with Secure Paymentz within 24-48 hours, without expert knowledge about servers, VPS, and so on. This is made possible by their packages – Basic, Business, Advanced.

As mentioned on their website: “This is the perfect system for business that want to have a bank-like system, administer user accounts, Bitcoin System, affiliate systems, or financial institutions, as well as multi-level businesses. Many clients use this banking software like a mini-bank for financial institutions, Forex, Bitcoins, schools, supermarkets, taxes, or to be able to connect magnetic cards so that a user can use them in different businesses and verify the purchase with a bank system.”




Watch the video below and visit Secure Paymentz  for more information about this e-wallet software!



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