[Review] The BetRobot

Are you tired of High-Yield Investment Plans (HYIP) that turn out to be frauds? Maybe, it’s about time you consider a more stable investment plan as with ‘arbitrary betting’ or ‘sure bets’ provided by BetRobot.


They have been in the game since March 3rd, 2017 and promises to stay longer than expected, thanks to Mister X (the creator of BetRobot), the maestro behind all the ‘sure bets’ bringing investors great investment returns.


Sure bets or arbitrary bets is a type of sportsbook betting strategy guaranteeing sure wins over sports matches. This is done through investing in three different sportsbook gambling/casino platforms with different odds on Win/Draw/Lose possibilities. The image below explains this strategy in detail:

You might be wondering… if this is possible, why doesn’t everyone do it? Well, the answer is simple. This strategy, like many other betting strategies, isn’t that simple as it sounds. One must be able to search through hundreds of trusted sportsbook betting platforms for the perfect odds to match on each respective Win/Draw/Lose possibility. This practice requires heavy research, years of experience, and possibly many team members as online casinos frown upon this ‘arbitrary betting’ strategy – considering that they ban users who are found to be practising this strategy.


There are basically two investment plans on BetRobot – Lower Risk, Medium Yield (1% back every 4 hours) or Higher Risk, High Yield (1% back every hour). Both plans require an initial investment of 2BTC. Below is a quote from their official website:


“As with pretty much any investment, one can choose a higher risk, high yield pathway or a lower risk, medium yield pathway. The examples below explain the two strategies. There are of course limitless options in between the two pathways.


Pathway 1: Lower Risk, Medium Yield.

Initial Investment 2BTC


With this investment, you get 1% (0.02 BTC) every 4 hours. You can now withdraw that every day (0.12 BTC) every day. After 17 days, you will have your initial investment back (17*0.12=2.04BTC). And that is the only risk there is. If you surpass these 17 days, you will keep making profit for as long as this system is running. After 30 days, you will have made the 180% Profit, so 3.8BTC.


Pathway 2: Higher Risk, high Yield.


Initial Investment 2BTC


With this investment, you get 1% (0.02BTC) every 4 hours too. Now instead of withdrawing them, you reinvest them immediately. You can do this 6x a day throughout the 30 days. After 30 days you will have made (2*(1.01^180) = 11.99BTC!! You will only be able to withdraw the initial 2 BTC of your investment, but from now on you’ll get 0.74BTC you are able to withdraw every single day.”


The whole platform works on Telegram and its Bitcoin wallet feature. Telegram is a free-to-use app guaranteeing maximum anonymity of its users. For more information on how to get started with BetRobot, please visit their website HERE.



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