[Review] BitConnect

BitConnect A revolutionary lending platform for traders, investors, and general users.   BitConnect is a multi-purpose platform integrating the BitConnect tokens for trading and investment purposes. Users may choose to lend their BitConnect coins upon purchase of the cryptocurrency on dedicated exchanges. On average, users can earn 1.2% interest profits on the loans they provide[…]

[Review] Bitcoin Scam Fighters to Tackle Frauds

Bitcoin Scam Fighters to Tackle Frauds in the Cryptocurrency World   Are you tired of Bitcoin/Altcoin/Cryptocurrency related scams? Well, worry no more because there is an upcoming project that is just about to tackle this long ignored issue in the cryptocurrency world.   Victor Grosser, the CEO and Founder of BitcoinScamFighters.com, has started the project[…]

[Review] Starting Your Own Virtual Bitcoin Company

How to start your own virtual Bitcoin Company, explained by SecurePaymentz.   DID YOU KNOW? If you bought $100 worth of Bitcoins back in 2010, you would be having $2 million dollars worth of Bitcoins today. Isn’t that something? You should understand that this isn’t a blog post to tease you with the ‘what if’[…]

[Review] The BetRobot

Are you tired of High-Yield Investment Plans (HYIP) that turn out to be frauds? Maybe, it’s about time you consider a more stable investment plan as with ‘arbitrary betting’ or ‘sure bets’ provided by BetRobot.   They have been in the game since March 3rd, 2017 and promises to stay longer than expected, thanks to[…]

[Review] DCNews

Daily Crypto News is a multi-purpose platform for all general cryptocurrency users, providing exclusive daily crypto news and updates. Exclusive news in the sense that they update users with Bitcoin and Altcoin news and updates quicker than any other Bitcoin and Altcoin news websites.   The website has research teams to find Altcoin opportunities and[…]

[Review] Bitcoin Copy Trader

If you are looking for a place to invest in Bitcoins through trading, you should probably check out Bitcoin Copy Trader.   Registration is free on BCT and by registering on the platform, users can invest in Bitcoins with the world’s leading Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM) Trading Network.   Join traders from all around[…]

[Review] Secure Paymentz – Build Your Own E-Wallet Business!

Build your own e-wallet business! If you have ever dreamt of running your own ewallet company, you are certainly a step closer to achieving that dream. Make your dream a reality with Secure Paymentz, as they provide a perfect and easy-to-use ewallet script for Bitcoin related companies and/or individuals willing to run a ewallet business.[…]

[Review] GldBullion.com – Buying Gold with Bitcoins

Why Buy Precious Metals from Gold Bullion, Inc.? Are you looking for a place to buy Gold and/or Silver online? Perhaps with Bitcoins? Well, look no further because GoldBullion is here! They have been in business for over 15 years and stands today as the leading Precious Metals retailer in United States.   As with[…]

[Industry Insights] Zennies, New Achiever of the Cryptocurrency World

If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast, you would have probably heard of the new altcoin, Zennies. Within a month of its launch, it has managed to break into the top 200 most traded (market cap) cryptocurrencies list and is currently positioned as rank #136 on CoinMarketCap.   It is a new cryptocurrency (also referred to[…]