Thumbnail CryptoHydrant
1250 Satoshi's every 6 hours, cant get much better than that!
Added on: 2016.06.28
Thumbnail Drip-BTC-Drip
Free Cryptos Generator : Bitcoin is freedom for money & Blockchain is a Revolution anyone can join. Earn free cryptocurrencies while using a variety of high quality websites...
Added on: 2017.01.17
Thumbnail Free - The Best Faucet
The best and longest standing faucet website with integrated dice games & advertising space. Thousands of visitors per day with high lottery rewards as well!
Added on: 2016.06.28
Thumbnail Free BTC Faucet
Free BTC Faucet by Pocket Bitcoin Guide
Added on: 2017.02.02
Thumbnail Land of Trusted Faucets
Confirmed Paying Faucets! | Bitcoin Games | Reviews | News | Rotator | Show Your Support!
Added on: 2016.06.29
Thumbnail BitcoinsForAll
A place to get free bitcoins
Added on: 2016.07.01
Thumbnail switch-bux family of bitcoin faucets
Earn 2500 satoshi in one visit from are 6 in 1 bitcoin faucet site where you can earn as much and abit more than moonbit and any other faucet sites
Added on: 2017.02.22
Thumbnail Coin Rooms - Take this 10.000 satoshis daily
Take this 10.000 satoshis today ! Simple Faucet Game from
Added on: 2016.07.22
Thumbnail faucettrap
Added on: 2016.08.03
Thumbnail BTC Pour - Collect more faster
Claim 50 - 600 Satoshi for free, every 5 min. Stop waiting 30 + min to make under a cent, start earning more today with
Added on: 2017.02.24
Thumbnail Earn 24000 bitcoin satoshi for every hour
Get 100 satoshi Reward for every 15 sec
Added on: 2016.08.15
New free bitcoin faucet! 300-500 sat payout
Added on: 2016.08.15
Thumbnail Stop Wasting Time Get Free Btc Now
A new bitcoin faucet with thousand of visitors every day and with earnings based on seniority.
Added on: 2017.03.04
Thumbnail PoliFroggy
A new faucet. 10% bonus for few days. 1-100 sat per 1440 min.
Added on: 2016.08.15
Thumbnail Politurni
Same as Polifroggy. 1-100 sat per 1440 min.
Added on: 2016.08.15
Thumbnail Coin Universe
Win 974 satoshi every 19 minutes
Added on: 2016.08.15
Thumbnail Vsite
Simple site. 40-150 sat per hour.
Added on: 2016.08.15
Thumbnail Card Crusher Faucet
120-5000 sat per 10 min. Using Paytoshi script.
Added on: 2016.08.15
Thumbnail Faucet CryptoList
Bitcoin Faucet powered by
Added on: 2017.04.15
Thumbnail Pixma Bitcoin
Faucet Bitcoin Earn referral link 30% and get more from jackpot
Added on: 2017.04.20
Thumbnail CoinGiveaway
The easiest, fastest and safest way to receive FREE Bitcoin Just follow these 3 easy steps 1. Participate in one(1) online offer. 2. Refer some friends to do the same. 3. Receive your Bitcoin absolutely FREE!
Added on: 2016.08.15
Thumbnail Coin Dispatch
Bitcoin faucet and cryptocurrency news. Earn satoshis while watching videos!
Added on: 2017.04.23
Thumbnail Satoshiwaves
Satoshi Waves Waves of satoshis every 120 minutes. 100% Ref Commission! 100 (98%), 150 (1%), 200 (1%) satoshi every 120 minutes.
Added on: 2016.08.15
Thumbnail Faucet Game
Faucet Game is a bitcoin faucet dedicated to providing users professional experiences of earning free bitcoin while playing casino-style faucet games Faucet Game is a completely free-to-use bitcoin faucet website where deposits are not allowed.
Added on: 2016.08.12
Thumbnail ColorBTC
WELCOME TO COLORBTC 125-155 (88%), 222-333 (12%) satoshi every 100 minutes.
Added on: 2016.08.15
Thumbnail Bestbitcoinprograms
Don't waste time for search the best bitcoin programs on Internet. We do hard work for you.we collecte only proven and real bitcoin programs in here, therefore you don't worry about payout, sustainability and being to vicitm from scam.& new
Added on: 2017.04.26
Thumbnail Jet's faucet
Jet's faucet Need bitcoins to bet with? Here you go. Possible rewards: 200 (85%), 300 (9%), 500 (5%), 1000 (1%) satoshi Referral commission: 8%
Added on: 2016.08.15
Thumbnail Game Faucet
GameFaucet is a place where you can earn Free Bitcoin by playing all our Bitcoin games for free. Each Bitcoin game is different. Some of our games require skill, some of them don't. There is a variety of Bitcoin games you can chose from!
Added on: 2016.08.12
Thumbnail BoomFaucet
Welcome to Bitcoin BoomFaucet. BoomFaucet - a fun and exciting game to collect Bitcoins. Feel free walking through a minefield sector to sector and earn Bitcoins.
Added on: 2016.08.15
Thumbnail Mathematics Coin
530 satoshi every 30 minutes. You can cash out at any time to FaucetBox! Earn 40% referral bonus!
Added on: 2016.08.15
Thumbnail Stream Bitcoin
Claim 0.00000050 to 0.00500000 free bitcoins every 1 minute! That Equals 0.00003000 Satoshi Per Hour! That makes us #1 Highest Paying Bitcoin Faucet Ever! Sign Up Now!
Added on: 2016.08.15
Thumbnail Daily Faucet and Mailing List
Get 100 to 100,000 satoshi daily for just the cost of your email address and a few extra mails a week. Direct payout at 50,000 or more satoshi.
Added on: 2017.05.02
Thumbnail Bitcoinsworld
Up to 1200000 Satoshi every 60 minutes Easy to use with only one captcha Great referral program with 50% lifetime commission 1000 satoshi welcome bonus Daily Bonus Great Offerwalls. Just watch videos and earn satoshi.
Added on: 2016.08.15
Thumbnail CoinDice
Claim 300 satoshi every 30 minutes! Just enter your bitcoin address below, solve BOTH captchas, and press Play. You can start a new game every 30 minutes. 50% Referral Program
Added on: 2016.08.15
Thumbnail Bitcoland is a site that allows people to earn bitcoin (BTC) virtual currency by completing simple tasks, such as viewing a webpage for a specified amount of time, viewing ad content, even solving CAPTCHAs and playing games.
Added on: 2016.08.15
Thumbnail TwitchPotato
Automatic, Daily Free Bitcoin while Watching Do what you love. Love what you do!
Added on: 2016.08.15
Thumbnail MonsterBTC
MonsterBTC is a completely free bitcoin faucet. Fee for that or not is taken. At each visit you can receive a different number of satoshis. The amount of bonus from 900 to 5000 satoshi!
Added on: 2016.08.15
Thumbnail YourBitcoin
YourBitCoin is one of the best paying Bitcoin faucets. You can earn between 20 - 70 Satoshis every 15 minutes. Watch funny video while you wait. Visit our Faucet Rotator to earn more.
Added on: 2017.05.10
Thumbnail Satoshiheaven
Good paying faucet. 1000-3000 satosies every 10 minutes.
Added on: 2016.08.12
Thumbnail Logic Faucet
Learn about Bitcoin and get some from here
Added on: 2016.08.16
Thumbnail Bit Logic
Learn about Bitcoin and get some
Added on: 2016.08.16
Earn Free Bitcoin in a second. Get free bitcoin to view websites Earn up to 0.00000510 per click Earn up to 0.00000340 from your referral click Each surf give you a chance to win the jackpot No sign-up required!
Added on: 2016.08.16
Thumbnail x21 Bitcoin
Get 100 – 10,000 Satoshis every 5 minutes What is X21Bitcoin ? X21Bitcoin is a reward system that dispenses rewards in the form of a tiny fraction of bitcoin for visitors to claim. These rewards are dispensed at intervals of 5 minutes.
Added on: 2016.08.16
Thumbnail Dogs Faucet
Up to 5000 Satoshi every 120 min! Referral Bonus: 10% is a free Bitcoin faucet. Bitcoin faucet is a website that offer its users small amounts of Bitcoins for doing nothing. Normally you have to enter a captcha and get paid.
Added on: 2016.08.16
Thumbnail Bonus Bitcoin - free bitcoin faucet
Bonus Bitcoin is a completely FREE bitcoin faucet paying out up to 5,000 satoshi every 15 minutes. Also, at the end of each day you will receive an automatic 5% bonus added to your current account balance.
Added on: 2016.08.12
Thumbnail Game Faucet
Play games to earn Bitcoins! Sword fighting game with multiple levels & RPG style themed quests!
Added on: 2016.08.16
Thumbnail Faucet BTCportugal
Faucet BTCPORTUGAL $$$ WIN 50 satoshis » referal 25%
Added on: 2017.06.14
Thumbnail FaucetList BTCportugal
FaucetList BTCPORTUGAL $$$ Claim best faucets every day
Added on: 2017.06.14
Thumbnail claim btc
Once you sign up and provide your email address and your bitcoin addres, all your earnings will accumulate in your account. Once you reach 20 000 satoshi you may withdraw the funds on-demand. You will need to confirm your withdrawal through email.
Added on: 2016.08.13
Thumbnail Moonbit
Moon Bitcoin is a bitcoin faucet with a difference...YOU decide how often to claim! Whereas most faucets only allow you to claim once per hour or once per day, we allow you to claim as often or as little as you like
Added on: 2016.08.13
Thumbnail FibreCoin
website investment bitcoin
Added on: 2017.06.14
Thumbnail Malta Vinyl Clocks
Website promoting vinyl clockc sales
Added on: 2017.06.15
Thumbnail Earn Free BTC
-100 satoshi every 3 minutes -50,000 satoshi payout directly to your wallet (every monday) - Lottery Game - No registration
Added on: 2017.06.15
Thumbnail Isranet Marketing
Earn Money from view ads, free signup. Minimum withdraw 5$ from paypal or payeer payment systems.
Added on: 2017.06.15
Thumbnail Tim Hentenaar
960 satoshi each hour
Added on: 2016.08.13
Thumbnail BitcoinMoney Faucet | WIN up to 10000 satoshi!
In this faucet you could win up to 10'000 satoshi every 30 minutes! Refferreal: 10%. Minimum payout: 100 satoshi
Added on: 2016.08.18
Thumbnail Satoshididu
10 (85%), 100 (10%), 250 (4%), 500 (1%) satoshi every 800 minutes
Added on: 2016.08.13
Thumbnail bitcoin bear
10 (85%), 100 (10%), 250 (4%), 500 (1%) satoshi every 800 minutes
Added on: 2016.08.13
Thumbnail b-faucet
200 satoshi every 500 min 50% referral bonus
Added on: 2016.08.13
Thumbnail XBIT.CO.IN - five minutes faucet
Rewards: 70 (50%), 100 (50%) satoshi every 5 minutes
Added on: 2016.08.13
Thumbnail Shamanscoin Free bitcoin generator
Earn bitcoins every minute
Added on: 2016.08.28
Thumbnail Erraweb Faucet
Get free satoshi every 20 minute
Added on: 2016.08.29
Thumbnail TheCryptoChat
This is a global realtime crypto chat community. From your seasoned veterans to noobs. While chatting get some free bitcoins and altcoins from the faucets with more being added. New features are added to the site weekly.
Added on: 2016.09.01
Thumbnail Amazing Faucet
bitcoin faucet 100 - 200 satoshi every 360 minutes
Added on: 2016.09.02
Thumbnail bitcocity
Buy an economic project : COFFEE, CASINO, NIGHTCLUB, BREWERY, TOBACCO FACTORY. Serve your customers and collect products. Sell your services and products and earn Bitcoin.
Added on: 2016.08.13
Thumbnail bitcoins-free.COM
free bitcoin faucet and website traffic
Added on: 2016.09.04
Thumbnail Catcatyfaucet free crypto faucets and rotators
Catcatyfaucet - free crypto faucets and rotators
Added on: 2016.09.11
Thumbnail | Bitcoin Faucet | Bitcoin Faucet Earn bitcoin every 30 minutes, instant withdrawal and no registration needed. Bitcoin Rewards: 10 to 1,000 Satoshi every 30 minutes.
Added on: 2016.09.12
Thumbnail Bitcoin Gator
Large payments every 120 minutes.
Added on: 2016.08.14
Thumbnail EmoneySites | Bitcoin Faucet
EmoneySites | Bitcoin Faucet Earn bitcoin every 30 minutes, instant withdrawal and no registration needed. Bitcoin Rewards: 10 to 1,000 Satoshi every 30 minutes. Plus 10% referral commission!
Added on: 2016.09.12
Thumbnail Your BTC
Claim your bitcoins every 120 minutes.
Added on: 2016.08.14
Thumbnail the rainone brothers computer repair
Is your computer running too slow? Do you just need an upgrade? Got the “Blue Screen Of Death”?
Added on: 2017.06.17
Thumbnail Rotators and Faucets Rotators and Faucets
Added on: 2016.09.13
Thumbnail Cryptic Coinage
A bitcoin faucet dedicated to getting bitcoin to those who haven't experienced it before. 80-10,000 satoshi every hour. Loyalty bonuses. Referral commissions coming soon. More features in the future.
Added on: 2016.09.14
Thumbnail 9Bits.Me
Get 45 - 1000 satoshis for free every 180 minutes | No registration required Read more at
Added on: 2017.06.19
Thumbnail -FeEd ThE CoW claim every hour 80 satoshis and earn 10% from referals
Claim every hour 80 satoshis and earn 10% from referals
Added on: 2016.09.17
Thumbnail Bitcoin cycler, multiply your bitcoins now and soon your altcoins
A bitcoin cycler with raffle and faucet all at one place.
Added on: 2016.09.17
Thumbnail Bitaler - Claim Your Free Bitcoins is a blog and faucet all about bitcoins and other altcoins. with news, tests and reviews that relate to crypto currencies.
Added on: 2017.06.19
Thumbnail The Best Poker Rakeback in Online Poker!
Receive anywhere between 58% to 133% rakeback when you sign-up through! Part of the WPN tournaments network. Great action and software, a long with decent amount of fish!
Added on: 2016.09.17
FREE POP COIN is a time count litecoin faucet. Register to WIN 3000 litoshi! The faucet will gradually fill up until 3000 litoshi in 10 minutes. So the longer you leave it the more you will be able to claim. You can claim after 5 first minutes.
Added on: 2017.06.21
Thumbnail GPTBazaar
GPTBazaar is paid to click website , where members are paid for clicking ads and completing online offers
Added on: 2017.06.21
Thumbnail btc-coiner
Pay out every 5 minutes via Faucetbox.
Added on: 2016.08.15
Open a box and find the hidden prize. Play for free or purchase credits to open more boxes. Fun and easy.
Added on: 2016.09.19
Thumbnail Bitcoin Win
Win free bitcoins every hour! Roll and win 1 bitcoin for free everyday.
Added on: 2016.08.15
Thumbnail One Click Faucet
One Click Faucet Claim 100 - 200 Satoshi every 15 minute
Added on: 2016.09.22
Thumbnail Bitcoin Catcher
3000 satoshis per claim twice a day.
Added on: 2016.08.15
Thumbnail Rocketfaucet - Earn FREE Ether, Monero, Zcash, Pivx,
RocketFaucet is a multi-currency faucet that allows all users to earn 5 different currencies, for now: Ether, Monero, Zcash, PivX and Litecoin. Your earnings are stored in cold storage and are visible in your user profile. .
Added on: 2017.06.22
Thumbnail Chicken Faucet
Pays well every 500 minutes.
Added on: 2016.08.15
Thumbnail Jimdo faucet
A 12 hour faucet without captchas.
Added on: 2016.08.15
Thumbnail 1500 satoshi
1500 satoshi every 720 minutes paying directly to faucetbox
Added on: 2016.10.05
Thumbnail 777 Bitcoin
Pays thousands of satoshis every 7 hours
Added on: 2016.08.15
Thumbnail Get Free Satoshi, get your free coins instantly ... reff bonus 35%!!!
Get Free Satoshi, get your free coins instantly ... reff bonus 35%!!!
Added on: 2016.10.23
Thumbnail Bitcoin Bucket
Bitcoin faucet paying 600/1200 satoshis every 6 hours. 10% referral commission. We promote Bitcoin and teach you how to create your own Bitcoin faucet with FaucetBOX.
Added on: 2016.08.15
Thumbnail Win free Bitcoin
Win free bitcoins 100-500 BTC every 10 minutes! 10% referral commission. Very fast and easy, no tricks or pop-ups.
Added on: 2016.08.15
Thumbnail Free Bitcoin Faucet
Get up to 0.5 BTC every 10 minutes! Includes popular faucet links with high payouts. You can make this your one stop gateway to earning btc.
Added on: 2016.08.15
Thumbnail 10XBTC Lottery Faucet
5 minutes faucet for the easiest bitcoin lottery on the net, rewards from 250 to 5000 satoshis, 30% referral commission
Added on: 2016.08.15
Thumbnail 365faucet
Only the best faucets survive. Try our list and vote now.
Added on: 2016.12.01
Thumbnail Fast News Dot
High Paying Bitcoin Faucet
Added on: 2016.12.04
Thumbnail Coin World
High Paying Bitcoin Faucet
Added on: 2016.12.04
Thumbnail Coin For Everyone
High Paying Bitcoin Faucet
Added on: 2016.12.04
Thumbnail BigSweep
New type of Bitcoin Faucet (Sweepstakes) - Play small, Win BIG - Big Bitcoin Prize Pools - Affiliate Program to win more
Added on: 2016.08.15
Thumbnail Faucetinstant
Join now The best Faucet arround cash out instantly 100 satoshi every 5 minutes, with daily possible bonuses !!
Added on: 2016.12.07